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SNH Systems is a small business devoted to delivering technical solutions to small businesses. We provide support and consulting for everything from getting started with a web site to helping you aquire and developing software that suits your needs.

Our company is based on open source software and also provides consulting and support for businesses that currently use or are interested in using open source software.

What do we do?

Web Hosting Our web hosting options are very flexible, providing options for anyone just looking to have a basic website up and running, to a company looking to run high end e-commerce applications.
Web Design SNH Systems provides professional web design for companies who are ready to enhance and build upon the services they provide to their clients.
Linux Support
and Consulting
Our Linux services are offered at very competitive prices and we provide support and consulting for any flavour of Linux that your company uses. If you are a company looking to take advantage of the cost savings provided by Linux, we will also help you choose a distribution of Linux that fits your needs.
Freelance Software
We will help you develop custom software to suit the needs of your business.